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Dear Distributors,

IMDG Code on CD, 2006 (Product code DF200M)

I am writing with news of a new distribution system for the IMDG Code on CD, Version 8.0 (Product code DF200M), that will operate from the release later this year of the IMDG Code, 2006 edition (Product code IF200E). Instead of distributors pre-purchasing stock we will include a free CD with the printed book, shrink-wrapped on to the cover and make further CDs available free to distributors. The CDs are activated when you have made the sale to your customer by supplying him an activation code. It will work like this:

  • The CD includes a free demonstration of the IMDG Code and instructions for your customers to contact their distributor to purchase and get an activation code.
  • You purchase activation codes at your discounted price from a new dedicated website, to be announced. You will need to register once and can then pay online at any time. It will also be possible to pay by invoice and bank transfer.
  • The current price list will continue to apply, for both new and 'existing' customers (these sales will, in future, be termed 'upgrades' to the CD) at GBP 245 and GBP 140 respectively.
  • The new activation code will tie the product to the computer on which it is loaded, reducing fraudulent use. The same CD can be used on other PCs, but would require a new activation code.
  • It is important that you inform your customers that they should contact you to purchase the activation code.
  • Additional free CDs will be available on request to service your renewing customers and for new sales independent of the books.

There will be an e-mail technical support desk for any questions or issues. The CD contains English, French and Spanish versions of the IMDG Code.

N E W : IMDG Code Interactive Training (D211E)

Also on the CD will be a new interactive IMDG Code e-learning training course, product code D211E, designed for shore-side personnel: shippers, forwarders, shipping line booking staff, agents, container consolidators and packers. This course will be in English only. The urgent need for increased training for this sector has been evident for some time.

The course precisely follows the requirements laid down in Chapter 1.3 of the IMDG Code, in particular the function-specific training requirements in On starting the course, each student specifies their role from a checklist and the course is automatically configured for them. It comprises modules dealing with relevant topics such as classification or packaging, each with a self-assessment test. The test scores build towards an end-of -course mark and certificate. The course structure corresponds to a new Standard of Competence of Shore Based Dangerous Goods Personnel that will be published and administered by the classification society Det Norkse Veritas (DNV).

The average cost per student will be approximately EURO 125/USD $150/GBP 85. The course will be sold by exactly the same activation code system as the IMDG Code CD. Normal distributor discounts will apply and there is a dedicated website for the product.

Full details and a pricelist will be published and sent to you in August. Please contact me if you require graphics for catalogue printing at this time.

I hope you agree that this innovation will open up new sales opportunities for the electronic products and will simplify your administration.

Best regards

Roberto G. Cheer
Head, Sales & Marketing
IMO Publishing Service


IMDG Code on CD, Version 8.0 Sales no. DF200M, price 245.00 October 2006.

IMDG Code Interactive Training Sales no. D211E, price 85.00 October 2006.

IMDG Code, 2006 Edition Sales no. IF200E, price 100.00 October 2006.

IMDG Code, 2006 French Edition Sales no. IF200F, price 100.00 available late 2006.

IMDG Code, 2006 Spanish Edition Sales no. IF200S, price 100.00 available late 2006.

July 2006



IMDG on CD-ROM, V8.0
Sales No. DF200M
Price 245.00


IMDG Code 2006 Ed
Sales No. IF200E
Price 100.00


IMDG Code 2006 Ed
Sales No. IF200F
Price 100.00


IMDG Code 2006 Ed
Sales No. IF200S
Price 100.00


IMDG Code Interactive Training
Sales No. D211E
Price 85.00

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